Kathleen Latham is an award-winning flash fiction writer and poet who lives outside of Boston, MA. Her work has most recently appeared in Eclectica Magazine, Tipton Poetry Journal, Crack the Spine Literary Magazine, and Flash Fiction Magazine.

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So grateful to editor Barry Harris of Tipton Poetry Journal for publishing more of my work. My poems “Cranberry Juice” and “Enough” currently appear online in the Spring Issue (#41). A print version will be available from Amazon soon.



A special thank you to Poetry Editor Evan Richards for selecting my poem “Taking Care of Dad, After Mom” to appear in Eclectica Magazine’s latest issue. This poem was written in response to their Word Poems challenge—an ongoing Special Feature which invites poets to write a poem containing four pre-chosen words. You can find my poem here, then check out the rest of the awesome journal.


Print versions of Tipton Poetry Journal #40, Winter 2019 are now available on Amazon.com. Support this high-quality literary magazine!


Check out my newest poems “All New Images” and “Multiverse” in the Winter, 2019 issue of Tipton Poetry Journal. Print copies of the journal will be available from Amazon soon.

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I confess to Googling you on occasion,
but unless you are an overweight bagpipe player
or twenty-year-old hipster with neck tattoos
and a bolo tie, I don’t think I’ve found you.


A personal note: On July 7, 2018, I unexpectedly lost my mother. The grief process has been long and slow and painfully circular, and it’s taken me a while to get back on my feet. Thankfully, a few nudges from the universe have helped. Below is some of the great news I’m excited to share. These are for you, Mom!

I have two new poems forthcoming in the Spring Issue of Tipton Poetry Journal.

My short story “Man with a Hoe” has been chosen to appear in Crack the Spine’s upcoming anthology which will be available on Amazon.com.

And in HUGE news, the first four pages of my long-forsaken, unfinished novel were short-listed for the Stockholm Writers Festival First Pages Prize. Making the Top 11 out of 580+ entries is an incredible honor and just the kick in the seat I need to dust the manuscript off and try again. Thank you to the Stockholm Writers Festival and to judge Paul McVeigh. Info about the Short List and the festival (May 3-5) can be found at stockholmwritersfestival.com


Thrilled to have my short story Man with a Hoe appear in Issue 237 of Crack the Spine Literary Magazine. Check it out here.

We argue in an art museum while lesbians in bad suits and hipsters who take themselves too seriously nod at the exhibits around us.
— from Man with a Hoe


My first foray into Creative Nonfiction, Breakfast with the Innkeeper, was published in the online literary magazine Hedge Apple on February 28. Written in response to a call for creative works related to the theme of food, the essay can be found here.

The innkeeper starts to cry at breakfast.
He’s telling me the story of his incarcerated brother over plates of French toast and fruit diced so small the cantaloupe is the same size as the blueberries.
— from Breakfast with the Innkeeper