My short story Man with a Hoe has been published in the May 29 issue of Crack the Spine Literary Magazine ( Inspired by my own frequent sense of unease when visiting modern art museums and paired with the imaginary ending of someone else's relationship, Man with a Hoe contemplates the subjectivity of both art and relationships. You can read it here



The short story, Rubbernecking, appeared on December 29, 2017 in Loosely based on an actual event in my town, Rubbernecking is a fictional meditation on our innate curiosity about other people’s trauma and one narrator's questions about the impact of such events.

An earlier, unpublished version of this story was a Finalist for Shenandoah's 2008 Bevel Summers Prize for the Short Short Story under the title They Found Moby. Rubbernecking can be read here.

But the thing I think about, the thing no one talks about, is what happened after they took Moby away...
— from Rubbernecking

Past Highlights:

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3:57 (Night Vision)

Grand Prize Winner of Writer's Digest's 7th Annual Short Short Story Competition

My very first short story, 3:57 (Night Vision) is about the emotional weight the simplest of gestures can carry in the face of marital breakdown.

3:57 (Night Vision) was originally published in Writer’s Digest, June 2007 and can be found archived here


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Inspired by my work with sexually abused children (and by a large tree which actually fell across the road in front of me), my second flash fiction piece was chosen as a Top Ten Finalist in The Southeast Review's 2008 World’s Best Short Short Story Contest and was published in Vol 27, No. 1.